Normally, nothing good comes from overindulgence, but one man in Massachusetts is changing all that by drinking his way across the state for charity. He's a certified American hero! Sorry, this sort of selfless act always makes us a little emotional. Also, we're kind of drunk.

Todd Ruggere has vowed to drink one Sam Adams a day at a different bar in all of Massachusetts' 351 towns. At each watering hole, Ruggere takes a photo and posts it to his blog and Twitter account to prove he was there. If a town doesn't have a bar, he improvises, even if it means drinking with a farm animal.

"When I was in Plympton, it's all farms. I couldn't find anything, so I found a home that had llamas in it, so I knocked on the woman's door and said you got to let me take a picture with your llamas, so she was happy to do it," he said.

Of course, Ruggere isn't on a statewide bar crawl just for kicks; he hopes the stunt will raise money for the Dana-Farber Institute and the Jimmy Fund to help with children's cancer research. So far, he's raised nearly $2,000 and plans to keep going.

More power to you, sir. With any luck, you'll have enough money left over to buy yourself a new liver too, as we're pretty sure you're not leaving the bar after that first beer. We never do, anyway.