Did you wake up January 1st with a bad hangover? Probably. Did you wake up January 1st and your car was stolen? Possibly.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, New Year's Day is the second most popular among thieves to steal cars. Probably because most of the world sleeps until noon and the other half can't even remember where they parked. Last year, 2,286 auto thefts were reported on New Year's Day.

So what's the biggest holiday day to boost your pile of bolts? Halloween is most popular  among car thieves. That struck us as odd since so many people are walking the streets on Halloween but it does mean crooks can go around with masks and no one would be the wiser.

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas have the lowest theft rates. The National Insurance Crime Bureau info doesn't dig into the brain of crooks and ask why Halloween and New Year's are so popular but they speculate it could be because those holidays are so family focused and criminals might either feel bad stealing cars on those days or have other things to do.

Now we feel awful for stealing Mee-Maw's Lincoln Continental after she gifted us a crappy sweater for the fourth straight Christmas.