If you’re looking for chilling signs that the apocalypses is indeed near, then look no further than the following news headline: "Oktoberfest beer shortage looms"! 

It’s true! Munich brewers are struggling to supply the annual celebration of all things brewed and frothy with enough beer to keep the party going this year. But here’s the real problem – they have enough beer, they just don’t have enough bottles.

Munich’s Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr brewery is asking consumers to return their empty beer bottles by the crate. Apparently, beer brewers like Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr rely on customers returning their bottles in order to re purpose them and distribute beer. But area drunkards haven’t been returning nearly enough this year, which is reportedly causing a shortage.

So what are brewers doing about the bottle shortage, other than begging bros to bring back their bruskie containers? They're ramping up production on wheat and light beers, since it’s mostly bottles for dark beers that are running short.

The beer will be flowing at Oktoberfest this year, but there won’t be as much of it flowing as in previous years. Tear.

Oktoberfest kicks of September 22 in Germany.