Go digging in mom and dad's closet for their classic Polo duds -- they are making a huge comeback. 

Last year, Ralph Lauren launched RL Vintage -- a website dedicated to chronicling and selling classic Ralph Lauren clothes. The website is a huge success, especially the "Bring it Back" section, which allows fans and RL junkies to vote on classic designs and styles they want the brand to bring back to stores.

The fans have spoken and the clothing manufacturer just announced its first release in the "Bring it Back" line -- The Ralph Lauren Polo Bear.

"The Ralph Lauren Polo Bear was originally a Steiff teddy bear wearing one of a selection of signature Ralph Lauren looks – based on Lauren’s own personal love of collectible teddies and presented to him as a gift. Lauren was so taken with the present that he made them available to customers; the teddy bears soon becoming as recognisable and sought after as the clothes their outfits were made to replicate."

Call dad and tell him you want his to wear. Oh he's still wearing it? Oh he hasn't taken it off since 1992? That's unfortunate.