Meet Rowdi Suicide -- she doesn’t give a crap about politics and hates TV. It seems like she hates clothes too, which we are appreciate.

Name: Rowdi Suicide

Location: Texas

Occupation: Piercer

Heroes: Die Antwoord

Cigarettes: Nope

My diet: Vegetarian

Alcohol: Occasionally

My kink factor: I’ll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

My politics: Politics, who cares?

Pot: I’m a total stoner.

My status: Single

My idea of a good time: Bars, after-parties, home by dawn.

Into: Smoking a lot, drinking bloody mary's and doing something crazy!

Not into: TV and sitting inside.

Makes me happy: Nature, pot, art and coffee.

Makes me sad: Mean people.

Hobbies: Art

Things I can’t live without: Pot, coffee and paint.

I spend most of my free time: In a tattoo shop.

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