It's time for another round of Model Melee -- two gorgeous women fight for "hottest Twitter pic" supremacy. Today it's Skyler Haze (left) against Aisha Jamal.

Skyler (@SkylerHaze) is a published glamour model who has appeared in American Curves magazine and on Playboy TV.

Aisha (@Animal_Aisha) is a vegan, model, actress, mommy to three cats, a beardie, and a bird.

So which pic is hotter? You can vote as often as once an hour until Wednesday 6/26 at 12AM EDT.

Official Rules 

The winning girl moves on to challenge another girl next week. If one woman dominates and wins four weeks in a row, she makes the ‘Model Melee Hall of Fame’ and gets retired from the competition. At the end of the year, all Hall of Famers will return, to face off in the crowning of the Grand Model Melee Champion…or something – we will come up with a better title by then.

Want to be featured in ‘Model Melee?’ Tweet the photo to @Guy_Speed.