We know, you've been hearing this everywhere, from everyone… "Go green," "Recycle, Reuse, Reduce," "Don't print that email, save a tree." Sure it's a good idea, and we want to be more responsible, but most of the eco products out there look like they were made by a bunch of unwashed hippies out of stuff they found in a dumpster behind a Whole Foods.

But not these earth-friendly watches from Sprout. They're not only good to Mother Nature, you won't be embarrassed sporting one on your wrist. Made using sustainable and recyclable materials like wood, bamboo and cork for the dials, lenses made with mineral crystal, and straps made from organic cotton, Tyvek (the waterproof, tear-resistant stuff mailing envelopes are made out of that's safe for landfills), and even corn resin and fish skins.

Corn resin and fish skins? Yup. Corn resin is just as strong as synthetic plastics made from oil, but is 99% biodegradable within a year. Plus it comes from corn. And we grow a lot of corn. As for fish skins, they are apparently some of the strongest leathers on earth—pliable, durable and of course, waterproof. And fish farmers just throw them away, so why not keep them out of the landfills and use them to keep a watch firmly strapped to your wrist?

Sprout Watches

But none of that matters if they style isn't there. Sprout's watches have dozens of modern designs that guys look for in traditional watches. And none of them screams "I'm eco-friendly and greeeeeeeeen!!" All at prices that are surprisingly affordable—they start at just $30. And that keeps a lot more money in your pocket to take out that girl in the hemp dress you met at the coffee shop.