Tacos might be a delicious treat after a night of drinking but they can wreak havoc on more than just your lower intestine. They might land you in jail.

Buzzfeed noticed a particular alarming trend in the last two years: a good number of crimes involved tacos. They compiled a list of the best Tex-Mex style crimes on their site.

Some of our favorites include a machete-wielding man stealing tacos, Heroin taco delivery landing an ex-deputy in prison, a mom unplugging her kid's XBox so he assaults her with a taco and a man fire-bombs a Taco Bell in the name of meatier Chalupas.

The last story sounds like a stretch since a Chalupa isn't quite a taco but we will let it slide because it's a food sold at taco bell. Kidding. It's not a food.

What are you doing? We were kidding. Put the bat down, we were kidding!

[Via BuzzFeed]