That turd-sucker Dave from Sales giving you crap for playing on the company softball team with the same beat up old glove that got you through your high school JV season? Let him, and everyone else, know you came to play by showing up with the Mizuno Pro Limited Edition glove.

Not your father's baseball glove, the Pro Limited is made from the finest Northern European Kip leather, tanned using proprietary Japanese Deguchi tanning methods. We have no idea what that means either, but it sounds impressive. And Mizuno claims it makes the Pro Limited stronger than any other glove on the market.

Inside, they've lined it with a Shika Palm Liner made of elite deerskin so soft you'll barely feel that frozen rope line drive crashing into your palm. There's also a carry bag to keep it from getting dinged in your trunk on the way to the park. And each one of these limited edition gloves is stamped with a unique serial number so Dave doesn't swipe yours and claim he bought the same one.

Available in 10 different editions so every position on the field can feel like a pro, Mizuno has engineered each glove with their Speed Drive Technology that delivers a perfectly balanced position for the fastest reaction response possible.

Because you deserve to get your $500 worth, the Pro Limited also comes with its own off-season conditioning program. No need to worry about re-lacing a loose web or replacing the thumb felt, you're covered. They'll even condition the glove perfectly for you using the company's Strong Oil—no need to put a ball in the pocket and leave it under your mattress for a week anymore.

These days your mattress should be used for other things.