Tierra, the bad girl from 'The Bachelor', or how we want to learn so much more about you.

We don't know very much about 'The Bachelor' -- the whole concept of competing for the chance to marry someone kind of freaks us out, to be honest. If you're gonna do it though, we surmise it's best to follow the "go hard or go home" mentality, and from what we've seen Tierra is all about that. Respect.

If these clips are any clue, everyone on 'The Bachelor' hates Tierra LiCausi except Sean (the actual bachelor). She seems to be the catalyst for most drama in the house, starting way back in the first episode. Sean gave her "a rose" (an indication that he wanted her to continue on in the competition) before "The Rose Ceremony," whatever that means.

Since then, it seems like LiCausi has been a pretty consistent source of entertainment/fights/WTF moments on 'The Bachelor,' and we like that about her. I mean, we're not saying we'd wanna wife her up or anything, but as far as we can tell no one ever ends up getting married on this show anyway.

We hear she has an epic meltdown tonight -- we might just tune in. Plus, we've got a thing for former 'Bachelor' winners.

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