Think all elementary school teachers are boring and homely? Think again. Teaching assistants Lucy and Kelly Knott mold young minds at St Winifred's RC Primary School in the U.K. as part of their day job. But at night, they become a powerhouse wrestling tag team. Oh, and did we mention that they're hot twins?

Known in the ring as the Blossom Twins, the 24-year-old sisters have been professionally wrestling since they were 16-year-old and have even been co-world champions. They hope to soon bring their wrestling to a global audience thanks to TNA Wrestling's reality TV show 'British Boot Camp.'

Still, the sisters aren't your typical muscle-bound wrestlers. They describe themselves as "girly" and say they enjoy wearing dresses and make-up, and even hand out homemade cupcakes at every match.

Fortunately, the school is supportive of their butt-kicking pastime. "We're doing something exciting and different and people love and support that. And it's put the school on the map," said Lucy.

Hey, if we had teachers like this, we might have actually paid attention in school.