In the new Samsung Galazy SIII 'Date Night' commercial, a date is almost horrifically derailed by the unfortunate, uh, mood music. The dude turns on the tunes, and the Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' is blasting. Luckily, his beautiful date comes to the rescue and uses her phone to play something more romantic and fitting. Exactly who is this hot and understanding, not to mention gadget-friendly, little lady?

She's Mei Melancon.

Mei has appeared in Old Navy commercials, among other things. She is French, Chinese, Japanese and gorgeous. She appeared on the Showtime lesbian drama 'The L Word' and had a part in 'X Men: The Last Stand.' Clearly, there are no bounds or limits to Mei Melancon's hotness.

Facebook / Mei Melancon
Facebook / Mei Melancon
Jerod Harris, Getty Images