The band Living Colour played CM Punk to the ring with their song 'Cult of Personality.'

Undertaker came out with the crowd beneath him, reaching up through the smoke like zombies. One of his more impressive Mania entrances. The set just puts the whole thing over, it's like a demon version of Godzilla has come out of the Hudson to destroy CM Punk. Punk and Heyman played a bit of catch with the urn toward the finish of the entrance.

Punk landed a slap to begin the proceedings, and then Undertaker went to work. The majority of the opening beatdown took place on the outside of the ring, this included Punk's spine being run into the ring post.

The crowd battled with "Under-taker" and "CM Punk" chants. It was quite the duel, and easily the hottest the crowd has been.

Punk reversed Undertaker's "Old School" tight rope walk, and then performed the move successfully on Taker. Punk tried the move a second time, and crotched himself on the top rope. Undertaker tried to dive out of the ring onto the fallen Punk, but Heyman interfered.

Before Taker could chokeslam Heyman on the apron, Punk hit "The Dead Man" with a flying clothesline. The next momentum change came on a Taker chokeslam, but Punk kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt.

The fight spilled to the outside, where Undertaker attempted, and failed a Last Ride through the announce table. Punk gave him a kick to the head for his trouble. Punk tried to put Undertaker through the same table, but with a Flying Elbow Drop, which connected, but didn't break the table.

CM Punk nearly finished Undertaker with an Anaconda Vice, but was overpowered. Taker reversed a GTS into a Tombstone, but Punk kicked out before the three count. Undertaker went for another Last Ride, but this time Heyman tossed Punk The Urn, which he used swiftly. He crossed Taker's arms for the pin, but it was not to be.

Punk went for another GTS, but Taker wasn't having it, and reversed it into another Tombstone. CM Punk couldn't kick out this time. 21-0, and Taker reclaims The Urn off of the stairs at ringside.

Winner: The Undertaker. 21-0.