Who is The Hot Girl?

Who is the Hot Girl in the Geico App commercial?
In this Geico ad, Maxwell the pig is so obliviously innocent that he might as well be played by Will Ferrell character. He is on a date with a hot, sheepish redhead who, despite her quiet nature, seems ready to pounce on Maxwell, but he's too dumb to figure it out.
Who’s the Hot Girl in the AXE ‘Lifeguard’ Commercial?
In the AXE body spray Super Bowl commercial, a bikini-clad babe is being attacked by a shark, facing certain death from Jaws. What does the lifeguard who bravely punches the shark in the face, Dane Cook-style, get for his troubles, having risked his own being body sheared off at the hips in order to…
Who’s the Hot Girl in the WaxVac Commercial?
The only thing better than the dude who jams a Q-tip in his ear and screams like it was a screwdriver in this WaxVac commercial is the hot blonde who really enjoys sucking debris out of her ears. We could watch him bark "Ouch!" on repeat all day long. But that would take time away …

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