There’s an unspoken law of getting laid and it goes like this: mullets get the chicks. We swear it’s true. So when we heard the lady-lovin’ hairstyle got Australian David Hoogland kicked out of a bar, we were extremely shocked, surprised and intrigued.

Hoogland said he and his fiance were just hanging with some friends at a rooftop bar in Perth, knocking back a few cold ones. They weren’t doing anything weird or suspicious, except for the fact that the Aussie dude sports a “ten-year mullet." Sure they’re rare nowadays, but again, it’s a highly underrated way to score major in-the-sack points. As far as we’re concerned, Hoogland was playing the game right.

Apparently, bouncers at the bar haven’t gotten the mullet memo yet, and they asked the guy to leave. As he recalls, “The management upstairs told security that they don’t want my type here.” We think this is grounds for major suspicion.

Maybe the bouncers were offended by Hoogland’s cascading flow of hair coming from the nape of his neck that just radiates sex. Or maybe the guys were pissed Mr. Mullet Man was going to take home a whole slew of slampieces that night, and their sorry butts wouldn’t be getting lucky later on. Either way, we’re siding with this Billy Ray Serious.

There’s no comment on the bar’s side concerning the incident, but we say fight back, Hoogland. Fight for your mullet rights.