Men get excited about anything that eventually leads to sex so it should come as no surprise that companies keep guys in mind when creating products like condoms, lubricants and stimulants.

Baconlube might be a little too much, even for hardcore bacon lovers. According to a press release from J&D's Food it's "the world’s first bacon-flavored personal lubricant." They go on to explain that "Baconlube is water based, proudly made in America and is the gold standard of meat flavored massage oils." They also add it's for people that like to "Keep It Sizzlin.'" We aren't sure if they are still talking about sex, discussing actual bacon, or making a joke about both.

J&D's Food just combined the two things that 99% of men in the world enjoy--bacon and sex. They might have, however, forgotten about one key component to all this 'bacon-making' which are the ladies. So we asked our female friends, colleagues, Playboy's 'Miss December' and random people on Facebook how they would feel if their partner wanted to try baconlube the next time they 'porked.'

  • Rachel

    Please make Baco-Bits flavored for the kosher folks out there. Then everyone can bring home the bacon.
  • Mrs. Write

    Srsly? Gag. Get out.

    Twitter / @mrswrite
  • Rebecca

    That's disgusting. Especially because my partner's vegan so he'd probably suggest soy baconlube.

    Twitter / @RebeccaLucente
  • Charliepantz

    Everyone knows that bacon goes great with sausage.

    Twitter / @charliepantz
  • Smethanie

    To quote the wise dog from the 'Beginn' Strips' commercial, "IT'S BACON!" This is brilliant, who wouldn't be turned on by a manufactured "pork-flavored nectar?" And it helps keeps vegans out of your bedroom. This innovation makes me fearful for the future of the peanut butter industry, though.

    Twitter / @smethanie
  • Jo Pincushion

    I wouldn't want to use baconlube in the bedroom.  But, instead of just saying it outright, I'm going have to stick with every woman's go to line: "What are you trying to say?  That I love bacon too much?  Are you telling me I'm fat?  Oh my God!  You think I'm fat!" That usually shuts them up.

    Twitter / @JoPincushion
  • Rainy Day Jordan

    That is such an American thing. That means now we're going to have a French Fry one. When I think something sexual, I think of something a little more sweet, not bacon.

    Twitter / @rainyday53
  • Maggie

    I'd probably laugh at him for a solid ten minutes before getting down to business.

    Twitter / @maggieserota
  • Stephanie

    Levelup Muppet Cosplay

    Twitter / @stephbelsky
  • The Wing Girls

    Great! You bring the bacon, we'll provide the eggs.