A guy's package is his pride and joy so it's no wonder most dudes like to show their stuff off in one way or another. And what better way to celebrate during this season of giving than by giving your own holiday dinner guests a plateful of testicles?

The people over at Street Anatomy came up with a strangely cool way to incorporate our bodies into our dining with their Histology Dessert Plates-- dishes painted to look like liver, thyroid, esophagus and, of course, testicle tissue.

They were created by a medical illustrator who basically spent tons of time checking out ball sacks under a microscope for the sake of fine art, and we have to admit-- the result is pretty awesome. It's also the only time we'll proudly admit to scoping out fine china.

The best part is that these plates set up the perfect one-liner for the next time we make our lady friends dinner: "Want some nuts with that desert?" Bam-- done deal.