Land lovers enjoy the weekend barbeque and love their grill but what say you to a pirate-inspired treasure chest grill that doesn't run on charrrrrcoal?

This treasure chest grill is awesome but it will cost you a pocketful of doubloons.

"Antique chest opens up with pirate sword lever to reveal your own "Captain Bloody Bills" BBQ. 3 Burner grill chamber, and single burner 'Hot slather' simmerin oven...Auto ignite burner controls. 5 Gal. fuel keg nests on the low shelf. Heavy duty swivel casters fer rollin down to the beach bash."

All the pirate talk is contagious. Anyway, this grill will set you back $850 bucks. For that much money, no one better try to work the grill at your next backyard party. If they do, make them walk the plank.

Kidding. Stab them.