As you may remember, Sarah Tressler was fired from her job as a society reporter with the Houston Chronicle for being a stripper on the side. It should come as no surprise that her unique combination of writing skills, and a side job that required her to be naked, has snagged Tressler a book deal.

Cleverly titled 'Diary Of An Angry Stripper,' which is the same name as her controversial blog where she usually discusses Jeremy Piven's lack of oral sex skills, hits shelves sometime this year.  To promote the new book, Tressler's publisher sent us a couple videos of the 30-year-old shaking her dictionary and working a pencil pole. You would be well-advised to check them out.

We believe the video was trying to get us to download some sort of 'Diary of an Angry Stripper' app but between the murky sound mix, and the distracting nature of Tressler's lithe body, we can't say we came away with any idea of what the app actually does.

We did, however, bruise our hand while trying to stick a dollar bill through our computer monitor. Yup, we're big spenders.