Instead of buying a Stairway to Heaven how about dropping $35K on a sound system send off that will make all of the living incredibly jealous of you. Except for that whole "he's dead" part.

Check out the CataCombo, a three-speaker sound system installed in the typical boring old coffin. It boasts a "performance-upgradeable music server, 7-inch TFT-screen with 2.5 GHz Intel Core processor, 4 GB 1600 MHz HDD and wireless 4G internet connection."

The tunes are controlled by a touchscreen remote (so the worms feeding off your body can work it too) and has an online option so family members can control the music from 6 feet above.

Just don't give the password info to your butthole friends or you'll be rotting away to Taylor Swift on repeat and even the worms decide death is a better option and kill themselves.