The TV show 'Suits' is one of the most popular and most-watched shows on television, but for some reason, you're the only person you know who's ever seen an episode.

'Suits' is a TV show on USA about two lawyers, Harvey and Stephen, and their daily work in…um…law...and both of them are very handsome and a lot of law stuff happens and FINE WE'VE NEVER SEEN IT!

Maybe it's the fact that 'Suits' is a TV show on USA (home of rasslin and doggie pageants), or the fact there are a hundred other shows about lawyers on TV, but we just can't get into the show. Still, it's got obsessive fans. Ratings don't lie.

For fans of the TV show 'Suits', here are 10 signs you're the only person you know who watches the show.

  • Most of your friends don't have a clue there is a show on TV called 'Suits'

  • You made a joke that Harvey Specter is "New York's best closer", and not Mariano Rivera, and your softball team beat you with a bag of practice balls

  • You saw Meghan Markle on a re-run of 'Deal or No Deal' and exclaimed "It's Rachel Zane from 'Suits'!" and your grandmother smacks you for talking during "her programs."

  • You're still the only member of your 'Suits' Google Plus group but there are a ton of invites pending

  • You made a joke in a meeting about the office being just like the Pearson Darby Specter, and the entire room went silent, before beating you with a mail bag full of staple removers

  • Donna and Stephen are your Jim and Pam

  • You want to see Harvey and Louis Litt actually fight more than any UFC card

  • Your blog dedicated to show recaps, Suits & Guy, still has zero visitors after three years

  • You get visibly angry when people mix up the show with White Collar or Franklin and Bash or… COME ON! RIZZOLI AND ISLES?!? THAT'S ABOUT TWO FEMALE COPS!! Now people are just screwing with you

  • You want to share this list with someone but you don't know anyone who watches 'Suits'