While nothing has been made official regarding Jack Swagger's push and his potential championship match against Albert Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29, WWE brass is putting together a Plan B. Several names keep popping up as possible opponents for Del Rio but there is one name that, according to insiders, seems to be the frontrunner.

If WWE officials wanted to change the direction of the match, Dolph Ziggler would most likely get the WrestleMania 29 match with Del Rio. It's rumored that the WWE creative team has been working late hours formulating ideas for the possible angle involving Ziggler and Del Rio and also just what to do with Swagger.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, if Swagger is suspended and doesn't participate in Wrestlemania 29, he could end up losing close to $250K between lost pay and fines related to his DUI.

In the meantime, Swagger and Zeb Coulter have been cutting and releasing promos just in case everything goes according to plan.

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