Athletes who transcend their sports or help win a big game have the rare opportunity to cash in on the entertainment circuit. For some, that means getting the call to come read the 'Top Ten' on 'The Late Show with David Letterman.' However, not all athletes are as, um, qualified as others to bring the funny. Here's a look at some of the most successful appearances on the CBS late night show from athletes over the years. 

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    The Twins great came on the show to poke fun at himself, particularly his name. It was one of those rare times when an athlete appeared on a comedy skit and was actually in on the joke. It's good to see Puckett has such a good sense of humor about something others might not wish to embrace.

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    When Stoudemire arrived in New York in 2010, he swing by the 'Letterman' set to outline the reasons he was excited to be in the Big Apple. Knicks fans know that Amar'e is always up for a good laugh, and this was a great way to introduce himself and his quirkiness. Even after just a few days in the big city, he already seems to understand what makes New York so unique and fabulous.

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    The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner came decked out in a tuxedo for his first showing, and he brought his best. Manziel might not be the most polished guest the show has ever seen, but he's willing to make light of his young age, inexperience, and innocence. Letterman acts the part of the worthy sidekick to heighten the laughs.

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    Manziel wasn't the first Heisman quarterback to make it in front of Letterman's brightest lights. Cam Newton stopped by 'The Late Show' after winning the award in 2010. It was just the beginning of Newton's fame and success as he went on to become the NFL's best young rookie the next year on the field, and he's become a fan favorite for his charismatic appearances in TV commercials.

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    After Weaver threw a no-hitter in 2012, Letterman invited him to come on to issue the ten reasons why you (yes, you) will never throw a no-no. Even if Weaver couldn't make it out to the New York City studio, he was still game, via a live feed.

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    The 'Late Show' team invited ten members of the New York Rangers' squad to come on and list ten things you've never heard a hockey player say before. Some of the best laughs here are from the Rangers' foreign players who might not really know what they've been tasked to say. As for the rest, they might emasculate the otherwise tough men.

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    After he was named the Madden '12 coverboy, Peyton Hillis got the chance to discuss the perks that come along with scoring the cover gig. Number eight says it all: "It gets my name out there. Even I had never heard of me." From there, Hillis rolled toward the end zone.

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    After winning the gold medal in ice skating in 2010, Evan Lysacek was invited to show off his acting chops.  This routine went just as swimmingly, as Lysacek displayed his sense of humor and lightheartedness. Even Olympians can show their human side from time to time.

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    Lucas Glover may not be a household name, but he had a brief taste of stardom in 2009 after he won golf's U.S. Open. His dynamic smile and vocal twang carried the routine, making it clear that Glover was extremely happy to be on the show. He helped bring golf into the conversation again after Tiger Woods had started to fade from the spotlight.

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    It may be rare to see NASCAR entering the sports conversation in a big way, but Keselowski made it happen last November when he presented a list of reasons why you couldn't hack it in the driver's seat. Even some NASCAR drivers know the stereotypes about their trade and can make light of it. 'Top Ten' showings like this one help deliver a different and welcomed message about the sport.

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