The NBA is considering placing ads on NBA jerseys.

If you’re not already distracted by the ads all over the arena when you see a game and the blaring music between every timeout, then you just might think this is a winning idea.

There’s no fighting progress, though, so we’ve already gotten a peek at 10 possible ads you could see, along with their slogans to get consumers interested:

EPT – “So you can know for sure if you’re going to be a baby daddy”


First Response – “When you want to prove the EPT test was wrong”


Walgreens Pregnancy Test – “When a second woman has come forward and you’re tired of paying for brand name pregnancy tests”


‘The Maury Povich Show’ – “The pregnancy tests let you down, now see if our DNA test does the same”

*Now hiring actual basketball players (*Note: only the Charlotte Bobcats will run these ads)