It's every player's worst nightmare and a guaranteed highlight in the game reports: accidentally knocking the ball into the wrong hoop. Fighting for a rebound does sometimes result in this kind of faux pas, but it's still embarrassing when it happens. NBA rules dictate that the opposing player closest to the ball at the time gets credit for the bucket -- probably for creating some sort of intimidation that helped cause the miscue.

The Rockets' Omer Asik became the latest player to have the unfortunate happen to him (see video below). Here's a look back at some of the other accidental alley-oops which range from the embarrassing to the impossible to the weird:


Houston brought Asik in this offseason for his defensive skills, and it was while tracking down the ball against Toronto that his errant tip led to a Raptors' score. What's particularly bad about this one is that no Toronto player is really anywhere near Asik at the time.


On October 30, 2007, Luke Walton and Kwame Brown accomplished the seemingly impossible: They combined for a shot on the basket through what appears to be a play out of the Harlem Globetrotters' playbook, complete with a Brown assist. Both players are left wondering what happened afterward as they make their way up the court against Houston. What a way to give up two points.


Wallace makes a great play to finish up a missed shot, only he had the wrong side of the court. It happened on April 13, 2010 against Chicago when Wallace tried to secure the ball that sneaks through his hand and finds itself back up against the hoop it had just left. Wallace's aggressiveness on the court is wellknown but this is one case where maybe he could have benefited from slowing it down a bit.


Early in his career while Kobe was still making a name for himself, he was hustling for every ball to make a play on it. One time his leaping ability got the bets of him as he deflected a Clippers' pass directly into the hoop. What Kobe would go on to show the L.A. crowd in his later years would win back their adoration, but for at least one evening he looked like a chump.


In a December 2008 game against rival San Antonio, Kidd has a boneheaded and unlucky tip come his way as he accidentally gives the Spurs an edge. His swat at the ball kept it away from charging San Antonio players; but the result of Kidd's play netted the Spurs the points they really wanted most.


There's the lucky and then there's the downright impressive. On a tip from his own free throw line, Darko somehow manages to flip the ball so far back that it winds up inside his own basket. Even someone who has been a notorious bust can have a moment in the sun, kind of. Don't be surprised if this clip is among those used to define Darko's legacy once his playing days are over.


Not as shameful as the others on this list, but equally noteworthy, Carter tips an errant pass up and into the basket. How's that even possible? There were years when Carter defied the odds and showed he could achieve what many others couldn't. Just chalk it up to the magic he could do on the court.


A loose ball off of a turnover isn't exactly a recipe for success, even for a star player like Russell Westbrook. Yet, somehow, a free ball to grab results in a Westbrook score as well as two fallen big men, including Haywood who seems to go down like a bowling pin. Haywood's hands have never been the best part of his game, and on this play it sure shows.


However, nothing can match what bad luck literally hit Songaila -- nearly in the head -- when a wild rebound hit the power forward in the shoulder and then ricocheted back to the rim and into the basket. Sometimes the basketball gods are just working against you, and that wad the case for Songaila that night.


Wallace looks to make a great defensive play by stuffing a Gilbert Arenas shot by slamming it down to the ground, only the ball has so much power and spin behind it that it ascends back up and into the hoop. You can't blame Wallace for making such a strong heads-up play; some days the ball just goes the direction it wants to.

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