If you live in Southern California you can be sure of two things -- there will be earthquakes, and there will be morons who try and outrun the police on our congested freeways. Enter moron in the video below who decided that 8:30 in the morning would be the perfect time to test out his motorcycle skills. By running from the po-po.

This past Tuesday, a motorcyclist led police on a high speed chase that started in Orange County and ended in East Los Angeles on Interstate 5 at around 9:20 in the morning. It's probably the dumbest time to try and outrun the cops. You can't outrun an old woman in a walker much less the police during LA freeway rush hour. But Evil Knievel managed to reach speeds of 100mph on the 605 freeway before switching over to I-5, where he got up to 130mph on the freeway.

The driver was zooming in and out of traffic so fast that the only way cops could trail him was by helicopter. After an hour of this nonsense, a CHP officer tried blocking the suspect, who then appeared to just give up. He clearly could have gone around the officer, but it looked as if he decided that he had committed enough crime for a Tuesday morning.

Officer Charmaine Fajardo added, "It was a beautiful stop. Everybody was safe and that's what matters." Yawn. Booooring. Unfortunately, there were no explosions, no sweet jumps or wheelies by the suspect, and no tragic ending where a truck driver suddenly changes lanes, causing the suspect to lay down his bike and get flattened underneath the wheels of a semi like a real life Mr. Bill.

Maybe next time, Los Angeles. Maybe next time.

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