The Super Bowl is one of the highest visibility events in the world for marketers. So it’s no surprise to find athletes from all sports making the rounds throughout the week. Andy Roddick, the 2003 U.S. Open tennis champion who retired last year after his final appearance at Flushing Meadows, stopped by to chat on behalf of SAP, the Official Cloud Software Solutions, Business Software and Business Analytics Software Sponsor of the NFL. Roddick has been an SAP Brand Ambassador for seven years.

Roddick talked about his obsession with fantasy football, his thoughts on the Big Game, his competitive nature, gambling and where we can find his gorgeous wife -- model and actress Brooklyn Decker -- on NFL game days.

What are your thoughts on Sunday’s game? Do you have a rooting interest in either team?

Andy Roddick: I don’t really have a dog in the fight as far as the two teams go. I think the 49ers are going to win. That being said, I have unsuccessfully bet against Baltimore three weeks in a row so I’m not sure if I  just want to break my own jinx or what but it’s probably good news for Baltimore fans that I think their team is going to lose.

How does SAP help fans be smarter about football?

Roddick: What SAP does is it provides crazy in-depth statistical analysis. I’m a fan of the NFL -- I’m a tennis player so I’m a fan first for the NFL. Whether it’s breaking down games whether it’s providing stats on fantasy football which I know everybody cares about, SAP does it. If they’re interested, go to and check it out. They’re going to announce the Fantasy Football Player of the Year tomorrow night at the NFL Honors dinner which is pretty cool. They provide the stats for the Media Center here at the Super Bowl so they’re revolutionizing the way people use stats.

Do you play fantasy football?

Roddick: I do, since 2006. I’m the most annoying guy to have in your league of all time. I’m really overzealous about it.

How many championships since you started playing?

Roddick: I have two championships. I’m kind of like the Patriots. I’m in contention every year, I’m respected as a winner inside of our league but it’s been a little too long, you know what I’m saying?

Who was the biggest disappointment on your team this year?

Roddick: I drafted Cam Newton in the fourth round. He fell which is why I took him but early on he was really inconsistent. Then by the time he got hot late in the year I didn’t have the confidence to put him on. I actually drafted Matt Ryan in the 8th round, so I was playing him. They kind of ham and egged each other as far as good games and I never picked the right one.

How many Super Bowls have you been to?

Roddick: I’ve been to every Super Bowl since 2009. But I won’t be at this one since I’m flying out on Sunday morning, but I’ve been to the last four so it’s been pretty fun.

This is the tenth time New Orleans is hosting the Super Bowl and the first time since Hurricane Katrina. What do you think it means to the city of New Orleans to celebrate this event?

Roddick: I think it’s just great, especially in the Superdome beyond football in the relevance it had housing people during Katrina and in that moment there’s no way they could think fast forward eight years...There might be some people who were living there after Katrina who were sitting in the seats watching the Super Bowl and I think that’s pretty cool.

What’s your viewing set-up like for football Sundays?

Roddick: I’ve got the Red Zone Channel. I’m a big fantasy guy so the Red Zone is good. Normally numerous guys hooting and hollering and making a bunch of bad dietary decisions, a beverage or four, like any other guy.

And where does Brooklyn hang out?

Roddick: Not around me on Sundays.

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