We know what we were looking for in 2015, whether it was on Facebook or on Google. Now, it's time to salute the knuckleheads who got their moment in the sun in the last year, for better or worse. But mostly worse.

FailArmy has put together this must-see compilation of the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) fails of 2015. And there are plenty of doozies in here.

From the guy who drops a tray full of beers and the knucklehead who falls off a balance beam into a pool to the motorcyclist who can't quite climb up a hill and the sign-wielding skateboarder who skated right into traffic, 2015 was a year when we were once again confronted with the knowledge Darwin would be shaking his head if he were still here today.

It's 15 minutes of pure fun, so sit back and relax and take heart knowing you're not as unlucky as these poor souls. At least, we hope you're not as unlucky as they are.