Long before the internet, and way before the cell phone hack phenomena, magazines were one of the only ways to see famous, gorgeous in very little clothing.

Popular magazines like Rolling Stone, Esquire and GQ would tantalize the male mind with images of our favorite ladies in just enough clothing for us to yell "get naked already!" while browsing the magazine rack at our local bookstore. We got thrown out of a Barnes & Noble for just yelling it around a crowd of little girls reading the latest Teen Beat. We found out all about One Direction that day, but it was our cans being shown one direction out the front doors.

We decided to compile a list of the 25 sexiest magazine covers of the last 25 years for readers to drool over, debate about and mainly just drool over. We eliminated mags like Playboy, Maxim and Penthouse because those publications are in the business of sexy and this list would be way, way longer.

Here are the 25 sexiest magazine covers of the last 25 years.

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