April Fool's Day brings out the prankster in all of us. In this day and age when everything is caught on camera, why not go for the jugular with these jokes? You may get some laughs, but you also run the risk of losing friends, so be warned. But, hey, a good prank is worth it, right? Right?

  • 1

    Say You're Having a Baby

    This probably won’t be as dramatic if you’ve starred on ‘Teen Mom,’ but it will send a jolt to people you know. If you're a woman doing this, you get serious bonus points if you had a baby in the last year.

  • 2

    Announce You’re Getting Married

    Up the ante: say the spouse-to-be is a cousin. And that you’re only tying the knot because it’s right thing, you know, in order to make the baby legitimate.

  • 3

    Announce You’re Getting Divorced

    It sounds like a hilarious idea...until your mother reacts by saying, “Thank goodness. What took so long?”

  • 4

    Call Your Parents to Say You’ve Been Arrested

    Yup, you’re gonna freak out the folks, for sure, with this one. Unless you’re Justin Bieber, in which case it’s par for the course.

  • 5

    Wear a Ski Mask Into a Bank and Say You're Robbing It

    A prop gun is optional, but whether you're armed or not, this may not be a joke as much as a moronic decision to get an arrest on your record because you will be cuffed after revealing it's all a joke. You will also probably be asked to close your account and never come back.