How’d you like to wake up with the knowledge that you've been shot in the head? Yeah, that would suck, but what if the bullet that was stuck in your skull triggered some pretty cool supernatural powers? Yeah, now we’re talkin’! That’s what happens to the protagonist in ‘Bullet Head,’ an awesome new short film directed by Franco Movsesian. We love it so much, we think Movsesian needs to turn this five minute short into a feature film. Actually, we’ve got a list of five sweet short films that would make great feature-length movies. Check ‘em out. 

1. Bullet Head

‘Bullet Head’ features some startling animation and an imaginative original story that threw us for a loop. This thing is all about atmosphere – it’s dark and noir while blending action, mystery and science fiction elements into one great, weird entertaining little flick. A must-see.

2. Ruin

‘Ruin’ is another animated short, but this time, the film takes us to a sprawling post-apocalyptic universe. This tense shorty is action-packed, and the chase scene at the center of it all is probably more thrilling than anything you’ll see in the new ‘Die Hard’ movie. Check it out, the animation, music and story really pack a punch.

3. The Chase

‘Gorillaz – The Chase’ offers a killer soundtrack -- of course, because Gorillaz rock -- some bold and fluid animation, and an infectious rebel spirit that’s hard to deny. Like most of the shorts on this list, this one features a chase, but director Tomas Vergara’s film takes its time to tell its story and allows you to really soak in the texture of the stylish animated world he’s created.

4. The Raven

‘The Raven’ takes us away from the world of animation and into a strange and dark futuristic Earth not far removed from the place where Tom Cruise ran from the pre-crime police in ‘Minority Report.’ ‘The Raven’ begins with a chase, and it seems like your standard man vs. evil futuristic machine story, but there are much deeper, weirder, and scarier things going on here.

5. The Gift

‘The Gift,’ from director Carl Erik Rinsch, has the backing of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Alien’ director Ridley Scott. This high-gloss sci-fi mystery short may have been made in part to advertise a new Phillips TV, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. Do you like spectacular car chases? Weird robots? Weird robots racing motorcycles through the street, crashing, burning and possibly saving the future of humanity? If ya do, check out ‘The Gift.’