Every year for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and just about every other major and minor holiday, you get guilted into spending time with your parents. Without fail, parents always make that special time together unbearable.

For instance, have your parents ever argued about the real motivations behind the Civil War? Or why the next door neighbor could or couldn't be a serial killer? Or just about Halle Berry, in general? Well, that was how I spent my Fourth of July this year.

Below are the five ways parents ruin every holidays.

  • They want grandkids...Like NOW

    It doesn't matter if you've been dating your significant other for two months -- or married for a day -- your parents want you to birth out some little monsters pronto. And what do they guilt you with if you snap at them? "Well, we always wanted grandchildren before we died..."

  • They don't know how to use anything

    To them, every electronic device must have been created for rocket scientists. Be it the television, the computer -- heck, even the toaster -- everything needs a "101." It's a total mystery how they function without you.

  • They talk endlessly about nothing

    Does anyone actually care about how one grocery store sells canned soup for $.27 less than the other or that Aunt Jeanie thinks she might have gout? The conversations parents engage you in are more exhausting than the week of work you took off to visit them.

  • They always think you need money

    Apparently parents don't think your respectable salaried job pays you enough, as they always offer to pay for everything from an IKEA shelf to a tuna sandwich from Subway. And then when you finally accept their coin to end the conversation, it only substantiates their belief that you're a poor, helpless lawyer in New York City.

  • Their affection for you is excruciating

    Parents might be nosy, irritating, and down right unbearable to be around, but when push comes to shove, they do everything out of love. And that is, perhaps, what makes their company so excruciating. Maybe if parents didn't love us so much, they'd just be a little more chill.


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