There's is so much more to metal than just Satan. Heavy metal music fans are some of the strangest and most disturbed people in the entire world, yet there are bands that have fallen through the cracks of mainstream metal to make up bizarre subgenres. It turns out that satanic rituals and burning churches are just the tip of the iceberg.

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    Goblin Metal

    Nekrogoblikon (USA) -- Have you ever felt left out because you are actually a goblin living among humans and nobody understands your struggle? Well thank your lucky stars that there is an entire metal subgenre written for and performed by goblins.

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    Pirate Metal

    Alestorm (Scotland) -- This subgenre actually makes complete sense. If pirates had stereos they would definitely have listened to metal. Long hair, pictures of skulls, and a total disregard for human life? Yeah, pirates were pretty metal.

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    Children's Metal

    Hevisaurus (Finland) -- In Finland they understand that kids need their daily requirement of heavy metal, too. Instead of singing about cookies or the alphabet, the band Hevisaurus decided to perform an epic ballad about the last mammoth on earth. Take that, Barney. Finland is so much cooler than us.

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    Nintendo Metal

    Minibosses (USA) -- Unfortunately, technology does not yet allow us to go inside of our favorite video games and live there forever, in 64-bit bliss. Until scientists figure out how to make this possible, the Minibosses have provided us with metal versions of Nintendo songs. We're hoping that if there's a orchestral breakdown, the wind section is made up of lots of metal dudes blowing into Duck Hunt cartridges.

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    Aztec Metal

    Mictlantecuhtli (USA) -- Not that much is known about the ancient Aztec race, so we can only assume this music video is 100% historically accurate. Mictlantecuhtli is a band that focuses on bloody rituals and human sacrifices, both of which can be seen at their live shows.

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    Samurai Metal

    Whispered (Finland) -- Samurais spent a lot of time alone, and when they did come out of isolation, they chopped people in half with giant swords. In many ways, they were like the very first metal fans.

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