Over the last few years, Super Bowl commercials have grown less and less tethered to the actual game itself. For instance, debuting early here is Acura's "What He Said" spot for its NSX model. And we must say it is quite an enticing peek at this, shall we say, devilish-looking ride.

Set to Van Halen's classic "Running With the Devil," we get to see a world-class sports car put together piece by tantalizing piece, shot in gloriously vibrant colors. It feels downright sexy -- which, we suppose, is exactly how a car like the NSX wants you to feel.

Hey, commercials don't have to be subtle. Many don't even bother trying. Think about any of the recent Carl's Jr. or GoDaddy ads from recent years. Half of those seem proud to announce they've been banned by networks, like that was precisely the point from the beginning.

Car commercials are some of the most common, whether in general, during sports programming or the Super Bowl specifically. But from what we've seen so far from Honda, Hyundai and all the rest, Acura stands head and shoulders above the rest. We can only hope Porsche or Lamborghini or Ferrari decide to drop a cool $5 million for a 30-second spot -- but the bar's already been set pretty high. Nice work, Acura folks.

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