We learned a while back that the uber-cute Amanda Seyfried would be steeping into the very adult role of pornstar, Linda Lovelace, in the bio-pic 'Lovelace.'  Ask your old brother or dad what 'Deep Throat' was and watch as they pretend to have no idea.

Seyfried has gone from uber-cute, to super hot, as the 70's porn icon and this movie poster is now our desktop image. There is just something sexy about the 70's porn star image. Think back to Julianne Moore in 'Boogie Nights.' Alright, don't think that hard, you're at work. We will do all the thinking for you. You're welcome.

'Lovelace' is due out sometime this year, and you can bet that we will be waiting in line to check it out.  No, it has nothing to do with the fact that Seyfried might be nude an awful lot, we just appreciate the art of movie making and are interested in the early years of pornographic cinema.

Not buying that?  Okay, it has a little to do with the promise of boobies. Plus, Seyfried owes us for 'Red Riding Hood.' We huffed and puffed and she never got naked.