Andre has easy, comfortable style down to a science. If you're feeling a little sloppy in that band t-shirt and cargos, it's are. Let's talk.

Andre's formular is pretty easy to figure out: He's got a classic, sporty, beach thing going on, with a couple of items that contrast that style, to confuse the eye. The black suspenders are key here; and please make sure you're wearing them correctly, if you do it, (meaning no camel toe, and no Santa belly).

For this kind of look, you don't want to wear skin-tight skinny jeans; this is a more relaxed outfit, so relax your jeans. What? I don't know. Wear straight-legs; also maybe don't wear skinny jeans anyway, because you're a man. Your call, though.

Andre's leather cuff bracelet and rugby-striped socks give his outfit some flash, and keep him from looking like he's following a strict style recipe. The whole point of fashion is actually to have fun and express yourself by wearing stuff you like, so while mixing styles might sound scary, it will make your outfit way more awesome, and original.

A note on shoes: Sneakers and flip-flops are not your only comfortable option for summer, stop pretending. It's lazy.

Steal Andre 3000's Style:

Polo -- Benjamin Bigby [$87] -or- [Some cheaper ideas]

Hat -- Tommy Bahama Fedora [$75]

Suspenders -- Wrangler 2" Men's Black Suspenders [$10]

Leather Cuff -- Tribal Hollywood [$23]

Socks -- ASOS Rugby Socks, 5-Pack [$16]

Shoes -- ASOS Brogue Shoes [$74]

Jeans -- Levi's Vintage 1954 501 Tapered Straight Leg [$219]


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