During a period of time we call "the 90's", there was a little sitcom called 'Newsradio.'

The cast was a who's who of comedic actors -- from Saturday Night Live's Phil Hartman to everyone's favorite MMA announcer/stand-up comedian Joe Rogan. Every star of 'Newsradio' has enjoyed a successful career since (except Hartman -- too soon?) and it seems two of the show's alum are reuniting with the help of...porn stars? 

Andy Dick and Dave Foley have an R-Rated comedy releasing in Fall of this year called 'LIVE NUDE GIRLS'.  Nikki Benz, Tera Patrick, Asa Akira, and even Charlie Sheen's ex, Bree Olson, are all on board this tale of a hapless guy who inherits a strip club. If it's 'LIVE NUDE GIRLS' they're advertising, these ladies will have it (un)covered.

Dave Foley has been busy the last few years, as he's shown up as a guest star on pretty much every comedy series being produced. 'VEEP', 'Scrubs', 'Robot Chicken' and 'How I Met Your Mother.'  Andy Dick has popped up on some quality shows like 'Community' and 'CSI' over the years.

We can't wait to see 'LIVE NUDE GIRLS' on movie theater billboards across the US.

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