With the success of 'The Evil Dead' remake, it seems like a perfect time to consider revisiting the third installment of the original franchise, 'Army of Darkness'.

While 'Army of Darkness' took a completely different turn from the first two movies, its cult popularity has made it highly probably for another movie. The question is, where would the story go? The movie ends (SPOILER) with Ash back in present day inside S-Mart with his shotgun in hand.

Here are 8 possible ideas for 'Army of Darkness 2'.

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    Tie It in with the 'Evil Dead' Remake

    This has been discussed all over the internet, but doesn't seem like the best idea. The original 'Evil Dead' movies are completely different in tone and style from the remake, so marrying the two together just doesn't seem like a logical path. Bruce Campbell, especially in AoD, is so over the top and cartoon-like, while the remake is much more grim and violent. It is an option, but for us fans, I hope it isn't the route taken. Let each one exist in their own world.

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    Ash Turns Rambo

    You know how in 'First Blood' Rambo is captured by the police, which triggers flashbacks and turns him into a wanted criminal? Ash could take a similar path, as he's just appeared in the middle of a store in tattered clothing, carrying a shotgun. No one is going to believe that he just traveled from the past where he was fighting an ancient evil. He could continue battling the creatures that traveled through time with him while trying to avoid the police as they chase him through the city. If you've ever watched Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, you get the idea.

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    'The Planet of the Apes' Twist

    What if Ash thinks he returned to actual present day, but instead, he's entered a world that is ruled by the evil from where he just came? His victory didn't destroy them, but rather set off a chain of events that led to the world being overrun by them. Think of the crazy things that happened to him in the cabin, except now they aren't limited to one space as they inhabit the entire world.

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    He's Still in the Cabin

    At the end of 'Evil Dead 2', Ash is sucked into a swirling vortex and lands in the past. What if that was just a trick by the demons to make him think he had escaped, but he was still inside the cabin the entire time? Remember in Stephen King's '1408' when John Cusack thinks he's escaped the room and suddenly the post office begins to be torn apart and it's revealed that he never actually left the room? Kind of like that, except on a much larger scale and lots more blood.

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    Ash Gets a Partner

    Bridget Fonda makes such a small appearance as Ash's implied love interest, there must be more to the story. She could join Ash as he fights the creatures who have come back with him. Not only does this give him a love interest that hasn't morphed into a demon, but it opens up the franchise for more films once Ash is done. Also, who doesn't love a female lead battling demons?

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    It Was All in His Mind...or Was It?

    Ash wakes up in a hospital where doctors tell him that he was in an accident. He describes all of the events that happened to him and they tell him it was nothing more than a nightmare while he was unconscious. He hesitantly believes it, but is it actually true? Slowly, things start to happen that make him question if he's actually losing it or if the cabin and his trip to the past was real. Of course it turns out to be real and the evil was behind it all to eliminate him.

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    Evil Ash

    Remember the Evil Ash that turned into a dozen tiny versions of Ash? What if he came back as well and battles Ash in present day? No one would know which one is actually Ash as it would keep the light and fun feel of 'Army of Darkness' more than the dark and sinister feel of the new 'Evil Dead' remake. The technology would be much better than AoD so two Bruce Campbells would be much more realistic and you'd have a lot more possibilities for interactions between the two.

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    Don't Do a Sequel

    I know it sounds great to have another 'Army of Darkness' movie, but do you really want to touch a trilogy that's so loved by fans? Why take the risk on ruining it or basically making a parody of the original. As much as I would love more adventures for Ash, the best idea of all may just be to leave the franchise alone. A digital re-release, however, would be fantastic.