Masculinity. It's not just for dudes anymore. Actually, it is but the very notion of dudeness as we know it is changing and evolving, as Ask Men's Great Male Survey, 2012 edition, has found.

The outlet took it to the streets to poll people about important issues, like what is the manliest drink and what body part is most attractive. You can take a few minutes out of your work day to find the answers to these probing, life-changing questions, but we've also broken it down for you since we're good like that.

Scotch is largely considered the manliest drink, since, well, it's potent enough to put hair on your chest. Most of the respondents in the video survey selected this liquor. One participant said "beer," which doesn't seem all that manly to us since we use beer to rinse our mouths out after brushing our teeth.

Another burning question? What defines a man's style? Turns out shoes was the most repeated answer. Pick a good pair of kicks and you're golden, style-wise.

The other major question was what body part is most attractive. The answers were all over the spectrum, with teeth, hands and back being selected. Personally, we like when a woman has all of those things. Call us odd.

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