A while back, Words with Friends took the app store by storm. Now, it seems the Pictionary-inspired "Draw Something" has captured the creativity of aspiring artists and casual gamers.

OMGPOP is the company responsible for creating the game that's drawn millions. Just three short months after its launch, the app developer has been purchased by Words with Friends proprietor Zynga.

We've poured over the thousands of submissions on Titter and Tumblr to bring you this gallery of awesome Draw Something drawings aka "Drawsomes". We wish we came up with that term, but we'll gladly accept props if you failed to read the part about us not coming up with that term.

Now, if someone could draw us up a working iPad, maybe we could stop sketching stick people.

Download the free app on iTunes or Google Play (Android)

Check out the official site or Facebook for more info.

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