You no longer need a frying pan and steel arteries to make bacon a regular part of your morning routine. That's because 'Bacontrepreneurs' J&D have turned everybody’s favorite cured meat into a shaving cream.

"You're going to feel good, you're going to smell good and you're probably going to taste good," J&D's Dave Lefkow says about his latest creation. "This is something that every bacon-loving American male needs."

According to J&D's website, the $14.99 item features "advanced heat-activated aromatic technology [that] lasts for hours and delivers maximum bacon scent when you need it most." Though we're not sure when we would need it most, for some reason we trust them to tell us.

Orders ship beginning December 7, so it could the perfect gift for any hirsute bacon lover on your holiday shopping list.

We can't help but think of 'Community' star Ron Swanson when considering bacon shaving cream, and we're torn: on the one hand he is a huge bacon fan, so we know he'd love it. On the other hand, his level of bacon enthusiasm is such that it might encourage him to shave off his signature mustache, which would be a damn shame.

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