Fire hoses, police -- that's not how you stop an angry rioter. No, the best way to put the kibosh on a rioter is to get his mommy to step in.

While the riots in Baltimore are anything but a laughing matter, this clip of what appears to be a mother hitting her son as he plans to wreak havoc is definitely worthy of putting a smile on your face because it shows that you should never mess with your mother, no matter who you are.

When your mommy is getting in your grill, your credibility as a rioter just doesn't seem that effective, does it? You get the feeling it would be better if she ran out in her nightgown shouting, "Honey, you forgot your lunch and I cut the crusts off the way you like."

At the very least, this dispute should make Mother's Day mighty awkward in their house. Man, we'd hate to see what fury she unleashes when he breaks curfew.