Dogs continue to serve their faithful masters.

A bar in which dogs will deliver beer to human customers will be open for just a few hours on Friday. Dubbed the Bar D’Alsace-tian, the watering hole will feature several "bark-tenders" who will be on hand (or paw) to bring out the cold cans of beer, which will be placed in a barrel around the dogs' necks. The pooches will deliver the frosty beverages to the men and women, who must pour it themselves because, you know, dogs can't pour drinks.

The beer is free, but only to customers who made a reservation. As you may have guessed, the event is all booked up.

We're guessing the only downside here is that customers who drink too much wind up in the bathroom to find the help drinking from the toilet.

Of course, dogs fetching beer for humans is nothing new, but having an entire tavern dedicated to our four-legged friends tending to us is a whole different kind of pampering that we can totally support.

Plus, you know, no dog will know if you stiff him on a tip.