How do you get out of a bad date? Probably not like this.

A pub in London called The Brickyard has come to the aid of single-and-looking-for-love damsels in distress with this sign reminding women they will help them skip out on dates that are not going according to plan.

Wow, that's pretty impressive that a bar would go to such lengths to do this. Sure, it's going to lose money on drinks or food, but you can bet it's going to score (more than the jilted date) some long-term goodwill with women.

The bar says it's gotten some pretty positive feedback, too:

It's certainly a valiant effort, but, hey, what about the dudes? There should be another sign informing men that if it's going well with their dates, they can just go to the bar, ask for Clive, Alistair, Basil or whatever other English-sounding chap works there and request they run out to the drugstore to get them some protection.

And if it's going bad for the men, how about reimbursing them the cost of the drinks they've had to spring for the woman they will clearly never see again. Equal rights, right?