Much like cat videos on the internet, waiting for Kanye West's latest meltdown or watching TV on devices that are not actually TVs, online dating is a part of our world now.

Perhaps no one is more aware of this fact of life than bartenders. These patrons of pint-pouring often get a front-row seat when couples finally meet in person.

What happens next is often a carnival of catastrophe that not even a few dozen Dos Equis can make better.

From the disappointing "Oh, that's what he (or she) really looks like" to the awkward "nice to meet you" hugs to conversation that's more stale than week-old beer nuts, these bartenders have seen it all.

However, it's not always such doom and gloom. Sometimes -- shocker -- the dates go well. Laughter and subtle body language are always good signs.

But, come on, it's the train wreck dates that always linger, right? The internet may have made meeting people easier, but when you're meeting people that make you want to stab yourself in the eye, perhaps it's time to go old school and let your nana hook you up with the granddaughter of the woman she plays mahjong with at the nursing home.