Look, let's be honest: Halloween and drinking go together like Halloween and candy. You know you're going to a party where you can ply yourself with enough alcohol to make you think that girl on the other side of the room dressed as Katniss really is Jennifer Lawrence.

This video, from 2012, shows how to make a pumpkin keg. Sure, it's three years old and in internet time, anything more than two days old is about as ancient as the Paleolithic era, but there really haven't been so many advancements in the world of drinking that should make this keg unusable.

We should mention there are sharp objects involved, so we have to advise you to make this before you start pounding whatever (spooky) spirits strike your fancy.

It just makes perfect sense. You already can't get through the day without being bombarded by pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donuts and, yes, pumpkin beer, so why not just fully embrace the pumpkin with the best keg you will ever drink from?

And maybe when you pass out and your friends want to get you home, they can wake you up with some pumpkin-scented smelling salts while you babble on incoherently about how you forgot to ask for Jennifer Lawrence's number.