Coldplay and the Beastie Boys? On paper and in theory, that doesn't quite work. However, the execution, with frontman (and Gwyneth Paltrow baby daddy) Chris Martin playing piano while covering 'Fight for Your Right to Party' at the Hollywood Bowl last night as a sonic eulogy to singer Adam Yauch, who died yesterday, was spot on.

The band Coldplay'ed the group's party anthem, which seemed near impossible, with Martin giving a shout out to Yauch mid-song. We bet that Yauch's surviving bandmates would appreciate what Martin and Coldplay did to their signature song that, until now, didn't really feel malleable and translatable to the Brit pop/rock genre.

Martin closed the song, singing, "Sending all our love to the Beastie Boys.' It was touching and effective, since music is the universal language.

Yauch died in New York at 47 after a battle with salivary gland cancer.