Clean and sober? One out of two ain't bad.

If you've ever been torn about whether to shower or drink beer, well, hopefully hammered ladies and wannabe sloshed gentlemen, have we got news for you: now you can do both.

Introducing Shower Beer, an unimaginatively named concoction in that's a beer made for you to drink in the shower, like the alcoholic you are becoming by guzzling this down between washing your hair and scrubbing your armpits.

Shower Beer

The beverage is a joint effort by Swedish brewers PangPang and the creative team Snask. It'd probably also be a welcome addition to any city that embraces beer drinkers.

According to Snask, Shower Beer is a "sweet but strong pale ale" designed to "gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night," although, come on, you know some people will go beyond pre-gaming in the shower and just spend the entire evening there, all by their lonesomes, wondering why they're all alone as they wash the stench of inebriation off just as quickly as they put it on.

Each bottle is only about six ounces and it quickly sold out, although more is expected to be available for purchase soon.

That must be some good beer. We'd even go so far as to say it's Head & Shoulders above the rest.

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