Sure, the baseball playoffs have captivated us and the NFL is in full swing, but at least one guy is pumped up hockey has returned.

Check out this dude at last week's Columbus Blue Jackets home opener against the New York Rangers. He's not just dancing. He's dancing without a shirt (with a bear, no less) and swigging beer (although he's no Madison Bumgarner) while whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

Watch out, Magic Mike. You've got competition.

Turns out this guy is named Keith Schroeder -- better known as Dancing Kevin -- and he's a fixture at Blue Jackets games, doing his thing, whatever that "thing" is exactly.

Here are a couple of videos of him in action. You'd a think a guy moving like this would lose some weight. Then again, we're assuming those beers he's spraying aren't actually filled with Slim-Fast protein shakes.

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