Drinking and running far seem about as natural a fit as the Philadelphia Phillies and winning, but there are some people who can't resist the lure of an activity that will shred your insides like a machete.

The beer mile, for those uninitiated, requires a person to run a mile around a standard quarter-mile track. The catch is you have to chug a beer before each lap. That's four beers and four laps, giving your stomach ample time to wonder what the heck it did for you to punish it so severely.

Katie Nolan, who hosts the show Garbage Time on Fox Sports 1, decided to give the beer mile the ol' college try. It took her 35 minutes of pure agony and vomit to complete.

Nolan called the stunt "the dumbest thing we've ever done" on the show and you don't need beer goggles to see why. Running and drinking anything that isn't water is a bad combo, so you know running and downing alcohol isn't exactly going to end with you saving a baby from a burning building.

You can see more beer mile videos below, so why not grab a cold one and watch? However, we highly recommend not going through a six-pack and then putting on your running shoes.